Competition Lawn Bowls Midweek Pennant

In season 2023-24 Midweek Pennant we have three sides:
Side 1: Division 2, Section 4, Fixture
, Results & Ladder links
Side 2: Division 4, Section 4, Fixture, Results & Ladder links
Side 3: Division 6, Section 5, Fixture, Results & Ladder links

Sides 1-3 have 12 players.

All Pennant fixtures, results and ladders will be available on the Bowls Victoria Bowlslink Competition Portal.  When they are availbale the following will apply:

To access the Bowlslink fixture, results and ladder for each of our sides above click the Fixtures, Results & Ladder link after the appropriate side above. 

Also, on your own device you can pin a shortcut to the Portal home screen for quick access to your sides’s Division/Section results & ladder.

To do this:
- Note your side’s Division & Section above and the instructions below.
- Open the Portal by clicking/touching 
here (or via the BowlsVic website).
- Click/touch your side’s Pennant & Division.
- Click/touch the green *PIN button next to your side’s section.
A shortcut to your side’s results and ladder will appear under PINNED ITEMS on the Portal home screen, on your access device.